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We use intracellular
pathogens to understand host cell stress responses
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Ubiquitin-like proteins in host defense

Ubiquitin-like proteins are a first line of defense against intracellular pathogens as well as a frequent target of bacterial effectors.  We take advantage of this interplay to learn more about both pathogen and host.

Selective Autophagy of Organelles and Pathogens 

Cellular stress pathways like autophagy can target invading pathogens and damaged organelles for degradation in the lysosome.  We interrogate the role of understudied ubiquitin-like proteins in this process.

ER stress and cytokine secretion upon infection

The ubiquitin-like protein ISG15 modifies  ER and Golgi proteins which correlates with increased cytokine secretion following Listeria infection. We are investigating how ISGylation provokes increased cytokine secretion and whether trafficking is altered.

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